A Big Step for North Bay Air Cooled

Hey everyone.

At the last meetup we spoke about the need for North Bay Air Cooled to formalize. Not only to protect ourselves as a group, but to also enable us to do more things. As the founders of NBAC Don Haugen and Alex Weeks have taken a big step for North Bay Air Cooled and established the NBAC Executive Committee. This committee will consist of club officers, each with a specific job. The goal of this committee is to:

  1. Divide the workload of managing NBAC – As we have grown, the management of NBAC has grown too. It has become harder and harder for Don, and Alex to manage it by ourselves. We need a team.
  2. Enable better communication with NBAC member – Now that the NBAC Executive Committee in place, we can find more ways to communicate with our members about upcoming events and provide a better community out reach to attract new members.
  3. Provide more services for the members of NBAC. Many members of NBAC have requested the club do new exciting things (camping trips, car shows, etc..). As a team the NBAC Executive Committee will be able to take these requests and do our best to make them a reality.

With all of that being said, we am PROUD to announce the NBAC Officers who make up the NBAC Executive Committee:

  • Treasurer – Kerri Claussen
  • Secretary – Nikki Carpenter
  • Vice President – Don Haugen
  • President – Alex Weeks

We would personally like to thank all of our new officers to stepping up to help lead NBAC and make it an even more amazing club than it already is.

Don Haugen & Alex Weeks


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