Blinker fluid

Regular maintenance is important to keep your Volkswagen running and avoid costly breakdowns.  One thing many people often over look is changing your blinker fluid.  This video from BleepinJeep is specifically for Volkswagens, but the techniques and steps are the same for most vehicles.

Blinker Fluid

At North Bay Air Cooled, we recommend Valvoline Max Life for your Air Cooled Volkswagen.  Valvoline makes quality products and has been a trusted name for years.  Otherwise, how could they afford those great Super Bowl ads?

The best part is, you can use if for both your headlights AND blinkers.  I always keep an extra quart stashed in my Volkswagen just in case I need it.  Have you ever been broken down on the side of the road and had to ask a tow truck guy for blinker fluid?  They look at you like you’re crazy!  Best to avoid this embarrassment.

Or if you’re on a budget, Amazon has a blinker fluid kit on sale.  Personally I’ve never used this brand, but the ad says it’s endorsed by Bigfoot, so I’d probably give it a try.


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