Punch Buggy

It’s the silly little things that make life fun.  Every morning when I drive the boys to school we play punch buggy.  It’s out little way to wake up, laugh, and enjoy our morning.

During the drive you always will here someone shouting: “Red one”!  “Yellow one”!  We’ve played for so long, we know every house along the route that is home to a VW bug.  We all would lay in wait for the first glimpse of a “known bug” so that we could hit someone.  Then argue over who called it first!  Usually the first person to hit the other wins. Eventually we had to modify our rules to eliminate “known bugs” and require the bug had to actually be on the road.  This brought back the element of surprise, especially on mornings when you hadn’t fully woken up.

My 7 year old loves the game when he finds the bug, but HATES it when someone else does.  We don’t punch him… yet!  For now it’s just a fun little tap, but wait til he get’s older!  I’m sure he will REALLY hate it then.

I wonder if punch buggy will be one of the things they talk and laugh about when they grow up and look back on the good ol’ days?

Punch Buggy

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