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2017 Trophy Preview

Here’s a sneak peek at the trophies.  

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Muffler Bearing Check

Muffler Bearing Check Special offer to those who come to the NBAC VW Car Show!  The first 50 cars will get a FREE muffler bearing check!  Don’t drive your VW with a bad muffler bearing.  Routine maintenance will keep your … Continue reading

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First Car

Was your first car a VW bug?  Jeff Allen shares the storie of his first car, a ’67 VW Bug.  Enjoy!

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Punch Buggy

It’s the silly little things that make life fun.  Every morning when I drive the boys to school we play punch buggy.  It’s out little way to wake up, laugh, and enjoy our morning. During the drive you always will … Continue reading

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Blinker fluid

Regular maintenance is important to keep your Volkswagen running and avoid costly breakdowns.  One thing many people often over look is changing your blinker fluid.  This video from BleepinJeep is specifically for Volkswagens, but the techniques and steps are the … Continue reading

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