Code of Conduct for North Bay Air Cooled

North Bay Air Cooled (Club) is a “Fun First” club. This Code of Conduct is to help ensure the safety and continued enjoyment of its members.  All members are strongly encouraged to read and follow it’s guidelines.

Code of Conduct

Section A: Laws

Club sponsored activities shall conform at all times to federal, state, and local laws.

Section B: Conduct

Members to cooperate by avoiding and refraining from angry disputes, altercations, and discussion that may lead toward controversy.  This includes personal problems, politics, and other sensitive topics.  Also, please use good judgement to respect other people’s different values.

Section C: Intoxication and controlled substances

North Bay Air Cooled promotes safety.  Any unruly, intoxicated person may be asked to leave. Anyone intoxicated and / or unable to drive will either surrender their keys to a sober driver, or will take a cab. Use of illegal and / or controlled substances during a club meeting, event, or function may result in immediate loss of Club Membership.

Section D: Family and Guests

All members are encouraged to bring their family, children, and / or friends to club meets and events. However, members are responsible for their conduct and behavior and that of their guests, families and friends and are liable for any damages incurred.

Section E: Individual Responsibility

Members agree to fully hold harmless the Club, its officers, directors, employees, agents, and other members in the event of any claim or lawsuit on the act or omission of such member.

Section F: Loss and Liability

The Club assumes no responsibility or liability for loss or damage to personal property, or injury to any person who participates in club sponsored activities and functions. All members and guests participate at their own risk.

Section G: Driving Speed

Cruises will run at no more than the posted speed limit.  In fact, most will run below speed limit.  While it’s fun to drive fast, it’s more fun to see the smile on people faces.

Section H: Respect & Harassment

The Club understands that not all members will be friends or necessarily “like” each other. However, the Club expects members to show basic respect to others at all times. Regardless of personal feelings towards the other member. Harassment against a member of the Club will not allowed, either online or in person.  Basic common courtesy required.

Section I: Internal Disputes

The Club employs the policy of ‘take it to the source’.The Club employs the policy of ‘take it to the source’.  Any disputes you have with another member the must be taken to the offending member. Only after doing this can the affected party seek help from a member of the Executive Committee. Any deviation of the policy is unacceptable under any circumstance. Violation of this policy may result in revocation of Club membership.

Section J: Have Fun

We are here to have fun, therefore have fun!

4th of July