VW Links Compiled by the members of North Bay Air Cooled

It’s not always easy finding good resources.  NBAC has compiled this list of VW Links that many of it’s members find useful.

Education – The web is full of information about VW’s.  From building an engine from the ground up, to rewiring your entire car, the information is out there.  The challenge can be finding GOOD information.  Here is a great list of resources selected by NBAC members, that have saved us more than a few times.

Parts – Finding the right part isn’t always easy.  Finding quality parts is even harder!  We all love Craigslist, and VW swap meets, but you can’t always find what you need, or wait until the next car show. You also need to make sure you aren’t getting cheap crap that will fall apart.  Here is a list of dealers selected and used our members.

Mechanics – Sometimes you can’t do it yourself.  When that time comes you need a mechanic who will listen to you, understand what you want, and get you on the road at a reasonable price.  Here are some mechanics local to the SF North Bay Area who have worked on our members cars.

Other Clubs – The VW community is very large and diverse.  From purists who want to restore their VW to it’s original stock state, to those who want to build a custom hot-rod.  There is a group out there for you.  Here is a list of other VW clubs in Northern California.  Want to have your club added to this list?  Contact us.

VW Links